Dec 242011

My great-great-grandparents, Giuseppe (Joseph) Giambrone and Giuseppa (Josephine) D'Amico Giambrone were buried in the United German and French Cemetery in Buffalo, NY. Both were buried in Section 18. I knew that Josephine died before Joseph and that it was probably before 1920 based on her absence from the census record. From the cemetery records, I learned that she died on 18 Mar 1919 at 51 years old age.

grave record for my great-great-grandmother, Giuseppa (Josephine) Giambrone

Perhaps because Josephine died relatively young, and perhaps because the Giambrone's were rather poor immigrants, she was buried in a single grave. When Giuseppe died in 1942, he could not be buried next to Giuseppa, but he could be buried in the next lot over. He is buried in Section 18, Lot 3, Line H, Grave 14. She is buried in Section 18, Lot 5, Line G, Grave 43.

From the gravestone, I also see that my great-great-grandmother was D'Amico, not Amico. Or perhaps it was spelled both ways?

my great-great-grandmother, Giuseppa (Josephine) D'Amico Giambrone

my great-great-grandfather, Giuseppe (Joseph) Giambrone

gravesite record for my great-great-grandmother, Giuseppa (Josephine) Giambrone


gravesite record for my great-great-grandfather, Giuseppe Giambrone

map of United German and French Cemetery

Oct 152011

One of the first suggestions you get when you start doing genealogy is to talk to your relatives. Well, sometimes it takes a little work to figure out who your relatives are.

Last spring, I used a brute force approach, sending letters to about a dozen Palmeris listed in the Buffalo phone book. I included a bit of the Palmeri family tree, asking if any of them were related to Charles and Barbara Palmeri, brother and sister to my great-grandparents. One of the letters apparently went to the son of a second cousin of my father. He passed it on to his father who gave me a call. We met over the summer and he gave me a lot of information on the Palmeri family that I talk about in another post.

He also gave me some contacts on the Giambrone side. I talked to one Giambrone cousin who put me in touch with another Giambrone cousin.

From her, I learned that my great-great-grandfather, Giuseppe Giambrone, and my great-great-grandmother, Giuseppa (Josephine) (Amico) Giambrone, both came to the United States. He died around 1941. She died before him and is buried in Mount Calvery Cemetery in Buffalo. Now I know where to turn to get their death records, which should be filled with information. I'm also sending a letter to the cemetery asking them for whatever information they have on file. She also sent me a detailed genealogy of the Giambrone cousins.

In addition to the useful written information, I got a photograph of my great-great-grandfather!

Giuseppe Giambrone, probably abt 1920

And a photo of my great-grandfather, Angelo Palmeri, my grandfather, Joseph Palmeri, and my great-grandmother, Maria (Giambrone) Palmeri.

Angelo, Joseph, and Maria Palmeri abt 1918