Sep 182012

Another military record came today for my wife's great-great-great-grandfather, Rufus Black, who was killed in battle in Louisiana.

"Rufus Black, a Corporal of Captain C. Dolan's Company K of the 2nd Regiment of Veterans Calvary Volunteers of the State of New York, born in Hadley, State of New York, age 28 years; 5 feet 11 inches high; dark complexion, black eyes, and black hair, and by occupation a farmer, having joined the company on its original organization at Stony Creek, and enrolled in it at the muster into the service of the United States at Saratoga, NY, on the 10 day of November 1863 … to serve in the Regiment, for the full term of three years.

He died June 27 1864 at Barracks General Hospital New Orleans La. of contusions in left side from fall of horse in action at Campti La. April 4, 1864.

Compti, LA Apr 4 1864
Pleasant Hill, Apr 9 1864
Cane River Ford (Battle of Monnet's Ferry), Apr 24, 1864

One of the documents noted his personal effects with him at the time of his death:
blankets – two
overcoat – one
shirts – one
drawers – one
boots – one
cap – one
wallet – one
medals – one
beads – one string
diary book – one

This is one of the documents in the military record:

Sep 152012

My wife's great-great-great-grandfather was Rufus Black. He was born 22 Jan 1836 and was killed during the Civil War on 27 Jun 1864. I ordered his Civil War Pension records from the National Archives to see if they might have more information on him and his parents.

Rufus Black was enrolled 12 Oct 1863 in Company K of the 2nd New York Veterans Calvalry, to serve for 3 years or during the war. He was mustered into service as a private on 10 Nov 1863 in Saratoga, NY.

On the muster roll of Company K of that Regiment, for the months of July and August, he is reported to have died June 27, 1864 in hospital at New Orleans by fall of his horse in action April 4, 1863 near Camptri, Louisiana.

While unfortunately this record does not reveal much more about Rufus's family. It does note a witness named "Hiram Black" who I had as Rufus's father. It also notes another witness with the last name of "Wait" which provides some additional evidence that Clarintha (Bloss) Black, Rufus's wife, is the child of Joseph Potter and Nancy Wait – this "Wait" as a witness could be her cousin perhaps.

Aug 282012

Today I ordered Civil War and Revolutionary War documents for several ancestor's in my wife's family tree. If they come back, some might confirm the names of their parents, while others may reveal the names of their parents.


Civil War
Henry Angle (1841-1926), parents unknown
Rufus Black (1836-1864), probably died in battle outside of New Orleans, parents probably Hiram and Polly but uncertain, also ordered pension file
Isaac Zeller (1839-1912), uncertain about his parents

Revolutionary War
Joseph Gallup (1725-1778), possible service in Revolutionary War, possibly died during battle

Jun 052012

Once we get our birth certificates from Italy, we can get passports for me and my sons.

Here a link to information on the Detroit consulate's web site.

This is copied from the web site:


A passport is both a travel document as well as a form of identification. It's issuance/extension is of the responsibility of the Passport Office in the jurisdiction in which an Italian national resides. 

The passport is renewed/issued to Italian citizens who are legally resident (see Registry information) in this Consulate's area of jurisdiction. 

As of the 26th of October, the Consular offices and the Italian Police Headquarters (Questura) are issuing a new type of passport; an electronic one. 

Since regular passports issued as of the 21st of January 2003, have a validity of ten years, those who have a passport issued under these conditions (optical passport) will be able to request that the validity – even after the electronic passports have started to be issued – be valid for the ten years from the date it was released. After ten years, the passport must be replaced by a new one. 

It is important to underline the fact that the old type of passport (optical passport), even having been renewed, does not guarantee entry into the United States if one does not possess the required documentation of entry. 

Therefore, those who would like to enter the United States without needing any further immigration documentation will have to present an electronic passport. 

Please be advised that for those who wish to take advantage of the "Visa Waver Program", it is granted by the United States authorities only to those who possess: 
– an electronic passport (issued as of the 26th of October 2006);
– an optical passport issued or renewed before the 25th of October 2005;
– an optical passport with a digital photograph released by the Italian City Hall between the dates of October 26, 2005 – October 25, 2006 (Consulates have not issued optical passports with digital photographs).

A passport is issued/renewed to Italian nationals who are legally resident (see Registry information) in the jurisdiction of this Consulate.

Issuance/Renewal to residents and non-residents is dependent on this Office receiving the necessary authorization(s) from the competent Consulate and/or Police Headquarters (Questura) in Italy. 

In order to issue/renew your passport this Consulate is also required to perform the necessary procedures prescribed by current laws: identification of the applicant; verification of Italian citizenship and military draft status; acquisition of parental consent from both parents for passports issued to minors; Acquisition of Consent, from the other parent, for the issuance/renewal of passports to parents with minor children (except in cases where the applicant already has the consent of the other legitimate parent who resides in Italy and from whom he/she is not legally separated).

"Cohabiting" parents enjoy status comparable to legitimate parents, if they reside in Italy. In all other cases, the authorization of the Probate Court Judge is required. 

You are required to pay a tax of $ 51.00 (dollars) for the renewal/issuance of your passport as well as a $ 54.00 (dollars) for the new booklet. 

This Consulate has the authority to withhold your passport, or deny its issuance/renewal, under certain cases prescribed by law. Examples include when the person: is subject to a sentence restricting his personal liberty; is required to pay a fine; is subject to detention or preventive security measures; being 19 years of age, has not regularized his military draft status.

In instances where your passport has been withheld, or issuance/renewal denied, you may appeal to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs within 30 days or to the competent "Regional Administrative Tribunal".

New rules for minors under 18 years of age 

As of November 25, 2009, minors will no longer be added onto the passports of the parent (or guardian or person otherwise authorized to accompany them). 

New European regulations provide protection of the minor’s identity and security by stipulating: 
a) that all minors are required to have their own personal passport; and 
b) that their pictures be routinely updated: the validity of the passport for minors differs depending on the age (three years for children from 0 to three years; five years for minors between three and 18 years of age). 
In the case of minors who are already registered on currently valid passports, these will remain valid until the expiration of the passport itself. 


Nationals who request a new passport will have to present their photos and all required documentation by mail. An appointment (click here for appointment request form)will be made with nationals to take their fingerprints once the necessary authorization is received from the competent police headquarters (Questura) in Italy. 

All nationals are also required by law to sign a form at the Consulate containing information regarding the security of personal data maintained in this office and the Ministero dell'Interno.A copy of this form will be given to the national when their new passport is issued. 


Documents to be submitted: 

– Application form, duly completed and signed by the applicant. 
– Acquisition of Consent (Atto di Assenso) and a copy of a valid ID from the other parent, for the issuance/renewal of passports to parents with minor children (except in cases where the applicant already has the consent of the other legitimate parent who resides in Italy and from whom he/she is not legally separated). 
– Passport;
– One passport photo 1.5"x1.5" (full-face, white background)
 Copy of Alien Registration Card; (has to be VALID)
– Cashier check or money order in the amount of $ 51.00 (dollarsrenewal   fee, made payable to the Consulate of Italy;


Documents to be submitted IN ADDITION to those requested above: 

–  1 (one) photograph, 1.5"x1.5" (full-face, white background);
– the amount of $ 54.00 (dollars) cost of new booklet +  $ 51.00 (dollars) issuance fee.
In the event of a stolen or lost passport, a divorce, or for any additional information, you are kindly requested to contact this Consulate by telephone at (313) 963-8560 ext. 16-17 or by e-mail. 

Submit the following Documents if NOT Supplied Before: 
* Marriage certificate, if married after issuance of last passport;
* Death certificate of spouse, if a window after issuance of last passport;
* Birth certificate of minor if requesting issuance/renewal/registration on parent's passport;
"Estratto di nascita" if the person who has come of age applies for the first passport; 
* Duly completed A.I.R.E. form (Registry of Italian Residing Abroad) for new applicants and if address/composition of family/other have changed since last time. 

The above Certificates must be submitted in certified copies legalized with "APOSTILLE".