Aug 282012

Today I ordered Civil War and Revolutionary War documents for several ancestor's in my wife's family tree. If they come back, some might confirm the names of their parents, while others may reveal the names of their parents.


Civil War
Henry Angle (1841-1926), parents unknown
Rufus Black (1836-1864), probably died in battle outside of New Orleans, parents probably Hiram and Polly but uncertain, also ordered pension file
Isaac Zeller (1839-1912), uncertain about his parents

Revolutionary War
Joseph Gallup (1725-1778), possible service in Revolutionary War, possibly died during battle

Nov 262011

I requested official certified copies of the 1900, 1910, and 1920 US census showing my great-grandfather, Angelo Palmeri. They arrived today. The 1910 is from Pennsylvania, where he and his brothers were coal minres. The 1920 and 1930 are from Buffalo.

Now if they could send me something on his naturalization, I'd be happy.

1910-NARA certified census

1920 NARA-certified census

1930 NARA-certified census

Nov 112011

I received my first NARA (National Archives & Records Administration) request today.

This is a certified photocopy of the manifest from Ellis Island for my great-grandfather, Angelo Palmeri. The photocopy is simply a photocopy. But it comes with a certificate attached – bolted really – to the paper with a ribbon and certificate sticker attached to it. I presume this is an accepted and secure method to guarantee that the document – even if it is just a photocopy – is authentic.

official certified copy of Ellis Island manifest for my great-grandfather