Nov 012011

Given that I struck out in my search of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, I need to do a search of the National Archives and I need to order certified paper copies of census records and immigration records for my great-grandfather.

You can order the certified record from NARA online here:

You'll need to set up an account to place an order. After that:
– Click on Order Reproductions.
– Click on Census Pages (bottom left quadrant, first entry).
– Click on NATF 82: Census Records (NATF 82).
– Be sure to choose Certified Paper Copy from the Delivery Format dropdown menu.
– Complete your order.

1) NARA Search for Naturalization Record for Angelo Palmeri $7.50 plus $15 for certified paper copy.

2) NARA immigration record $25 + $15 for certified paper copy.

3) NARA 1910 census $25 + $15 for certified paper copy.

4) NARA 1920 census $25 + $15 for certified paper copy.

5) NARA 1930 census $25 + $15 for certified paper copy.

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