Jan 072012

I had mailed St. Anthony's church in Buffalo to ask if they had a record of my great-grandparents' marriage (turns out they were married in Pennsylvania). While they (of course) didn't have that marriage, they did tell me that they had the baptism record for my grandfather.

Joseph Palmieri (Josephum in Latin, "Palmieri" instead of "Palmeri" as he was erroneously named) was born 2 Oct 1911 and baptized 8 Oct 1911 in St. Anthony's R.C. Church in Buffalo. His godparents were his uncle, Pietro (Petrus) Palmeri (Palmieri), and Pietro's wife, Giuseppa (Josephine in English, Josephia in Latin) Baglio. My great-grandfather, Angelo Palmeri, immigrated to the US with Josephine Baglio, joining her husband, his brother, in Yatesboro Pennsylvania, were Angelo and Maria Palmeri were soon married after Maria immigrated a year later.

my grandfather's baptism certificate

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