Oct 312011

The Detroit consulate sent me a roughly formatted document last week that I now realize has information buried in it for how Amy can get Italian citizenship by marriage:

Italian citizenship through marriage
If you and your spouse reside abroad, you can apply for Italian citizenship after three years from the date of marriage, by presenting a request for naturalization accompanied by the receipt of the payment4 of Euro 200.00 and the following documents:
– birth certificate of the applicant;
– certified full copy of marriage certificate issued by the Italian Town Hall;
– certificate of residence of the applicant.
– certificate of citizenship of the Italian spouse (this will be issued by the consulate of residence at the time of application);
– certificat of family status (same as above);
– Police Clearance or Certificate of criminal records, issued by the central authority of each state of which the applicant has been a resident since the age of 14, accompanied by a translation into Italian.
– F.B.I. Clearance with finger prints form (in addition to the above certificate/s), with translation into Italian.

The fee must be paid prior to the presentation of the request, through international bank transfer or through Eurogiro network.
When making your payment use the following guidelines:
IBAN code n. IT54D0760103200000000809020
Reference of payment :
a. For citizenship by marriage please indicate: "ISTANZA DI CITTADINANZA PER MATRIMONIO"
b. For reacquisition of citizenship please indicate "ISTANZA DI RIACQUISTO CITTADINANZA"
c. For renouncing Italian citizenship please indicate "DICHIARAZIONE DI RINUNCIA ALLA CITTADINANZA"
BIC/SWIFT code of Poste italiane:
– for international bank transfer: BPPIITRRXXX
– for Eurogiro transactions: PIBPITRA