Oct 232012

Today I received a more complete pension record from Isaac Zellers, my wife's great-great-great-grandfather.

This confirm that he was in the Battle of Gettysburg, company D of the 150th Pennsylvania Volunteers.

"In the 150th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers, company D, commanded by H.W. Crozer. Honorably discharged on 26 Aug 1865. That while in the service aforesaid, and in the line of duty he on the first day of July 1863 while engaged in action at Gettysburg, PA received a gunshot wound in the leg, about two inches above ankle thereby disabling him from duty, that by reason of the effects of said wound he is unable to attend to his occupation which is that of shoeing horses … and that he was wounded at the Battle of Gettysburg as aforesaid was treated at the hospital there, transferred to Hospital of York Pennsylvania on the 20th of July 1863 remained there until ordered …"

It also notes that Isaac Zellers' wife is indeed named Catherine Cole (according to Isaac) or Emma Catherine Cole (according to son Martin Reynolds). They were married 8 May 1862 in Union County by Rev. Weise or Heise. She died 23 Jan 1897.

It also notes the initials and birth dates of their children:
C.H. Zellers (prob Charles Henry) born 28 Feb 1963
Eliz C. Zellers (prob Elizabeth Catherine) born 1 Sep 1866
S.L. Zellers (prob Samuel Lee) born 15 Nov 1867
W.J. Zellers (prob William J.) born 9 Mar 1869
A.G. Zellers (prob August G., my wife's GGGF) born 30 Jan 1871
R.M. Zellers (prob Reynolds Martin) born 21 Mar 1876
Reba A. Zellers (prob Rebecca A.) born 16 Jun 1877
M.R. Zellers (prob Martin Reynolds) born 9 Mar 1884

I've written Union County (courthouse and historical society) to see if they have copies of the marriage record and if they have copies of her death record.

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