Oct 282011

A couple weeks ago, we learned that the birth certificates we used our entire life … to get a driver's license, to get a passport, for everything … were not "real" birth certificates. They were simply "Certificates of Birth Registration". 

To get dual citizenship, I needed real birth certificates for Amy and I that showed all the detail information, including a signature from the physician.

They arrived today.

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  1. Thomas, my attempts at getting my long form “real” BC is only getting me copies of a transcript of birth. I called Olean General Hospital and they transferred me to the County vital records, then they send me to the State vital records…OY! I was born October 20, 1966. What magicks did you use to get your “real” birth certificate?

    Thanks, Bob

    • I know this is a late response – I don’t get on this site very often, and it’s been a long time since I checked comments: I think I might have ended up ordering the full documents through NY State in some cases. For my parents’ marriage certificate, I brought my father to the town hall where they were married. The first person I talked to said that there was no “long form”, that what they gave me was all they had. I asked to speak to a manager, and she knew what I was talking about and used my request as an opportunity to educate her staff about what “long form” certificates were and how to make copies of them.

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