Feb 102012

I've received the naturalization records for my great-grandfather with his name spelled incorrectly as Angelo Palmieri and a letter of no-record-found with his name spelled correctly as Angelo Palmeri.

Recently, I sent a request to USCIS asking for a letter of "one and the same". It included all of the documents I have pertaining to him, including his birth and death and naturalization certificates.

Today I received a letter. It states that "we've confirmed that Angelo Palmieri and Angelo Palmeri born on January 27, 1886 are the same person."

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  1. Palmeri,

    I know this is from 2012 but I hope you still see my comment. I’ve been frustrated with having to prove the person on the Italian birth cert is the same as the one on the naturalization. I’ve tried contacting USCIS for this “one and the same” letter but they came back with a response stating that I cannot change the naturalization. That’s not what I asked for and now they won’t respond again! Can you tell me how you got this letter from them?

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