Mar 222012

I called the Records Division with the Indiana State Police (317-232-8266).

We need to fill out and download form 8053 (

We need to obtain a set of finger prints.

And mail to:

Indiana State Police
100 North Senate Avenue
Room 301
Indianapolis, IN 46204

We need to include a $10 fee. And we need to specify that this is for "immigration/citizenship" and that it needs to be "certified".

They also gave me a phone number for obtaining finger prints: 1-877-472-6917 (L-1 Identity Solutions).

Here's the process:

Indiana requires electronic finger prints. However, electronic finger prints cannot cross state borders. So we need to get ink finger prints on hard cards and send them to be registered with L-1. Basically, they take the hard cards, digitize them, and send them along to the Indiana State Police.

Before sending them, we need to register with L-1, pay, and print out the confirmation to include with the prints.

This is the web site:

She said not to put a zip code and to select "pay for ink card submission" where she will fill in her information, be prompted to pay, and get a confirmation.

I also found this web site:

Getting started: 

1) You have a need for a fingerprint based criminal history check. 

2) Schedule an appointment online at or by calling 1-877-472-6917. 

3) You will need to select the agency or reason you need fingerprinted. If you need an Indiana only fingerprint based criminal history check select the following reason: Criminal Record Review Challenge. 

4) You will choose a location to be fingerprinted. 

5) Payment can be made electronically by credit card or debit card at time of scheduling. You can also pay at the fingerprinting service center by cashier’s check or money order. 

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