Montemaggiore Belsito | Nati 1852-1858 | FHL INTL Film 2004859


Registri dello stato civile Montemaggiore Belsito (Palermo), 1820-1910
Nati 1852-1858 | FHL INTL 2004859


Agata? Sciolino
father: Gacamo? Sciolino
mother: Rosalia XXX?
baptized 1 oct 1852


Rosalia Millonzi
father: Rosario Millonzi
mother: Arina Pasquale
bap 19 Jan 1853

Vincenzo Parisi
father: Giuseppe Parisi
mother: Benedetta Sciolino
bap 4 Mar 1853

Antonina Parisi
father: Maestro Ciro Parisi
mother: Rosalia Chiavetta
bap 20 Mar 1853

Giovanni Parisi
father: Giacomo Parisi
mother: Serafina Gatto

Nunzio Parisi
father: Giacomo Parisi
mother: Carmela Parisi
bap 16 Nov 1853

Agata Parisi
father: Arigonino? Parisi
mother: Giacama Valvo?
bap 10 Dec 1853

Epifornia? Salemi
father: Arcangelo? Parisi
mother: Grazia Battaglia
bap 6 Jan 1853

Agata Salemi
father: Antonino Salemi
mother: Caterina Siragusa
bap 17 Jul 1853

Leonardo Sciolino
father: Gaetano Sciolino
mother: Antonina Orelano?
bap 24 Sep 1853

Giuseppa Sciolino
father: Mariano Sciolino
mother: Marrianna Geraci
bap 5 Nov 1853


Rosalia Millonzi
father: Cruciano Millonzi
mother: Filippa Teresi
bap 28 Mar 1854

Calojera Parisi
father: Filippo Parisi
mother: Rosalia Zanglsi?
bap 22 Jan 1854

Castenza? Parisi
father: Gaetano Parisi
mother: Anna Maria Battaglia
bap 5 Feb 1854

Rosaria Salemi
father: Giuseppe Salemi, 28 years old, born abt 1826
mother: Carmela Maggio, 30 years old, born abt 1824
born 31 Dec 1853
bap 1 Jan 1854

Giovanni Sciolino
father: Giuseppe Sciolino
mother: Antonina Cardinzale?
bap 29 Jan 1854

Pietro Sciolino
father: Giuseppe Sciolino
mother: Domenica Salesta?
bap 1 Aug 1854

Concetta Sciolino
father: Vincenzo Sciolino
mother: Antonina Battaglia
bap 3 Nov 1854

Maddolena Salemi
father: Giuseppe Salemi
mother: Angela Nicosia
bap Dec 1854


Ignazio Millonzi
father: Calojero Millonzi
mother? Giuseppa Mangano
bap 25 Feb 1855

Angela? Millonzi
father: Rosario Millonzi
mother: Anna Pasquale
bap 9 Jun 1855

Giuseppa Parisi
father: Cruciano Parisi
mother: Biagia Magaceno?
bap 15 Jan 1855

Angela Parisi
father: Ignazio Parisi
mother: Anna Geraci?
bap 3 Feb 1855

Calojera Parisi
father: Caglione? Parisi
mother: Lucegia? Magca?
bap 5 Oct 1855

Pietro Parisi
father: Maestro GiuXX Parisi
mother: Benedetta Sciolino
bap 5 Dec 1855

XX Salemi
father: Arcangelo Salemi
mother: Grazia Battaglia
bap 8 may 1855

Liborio Salemi
father: Maestro XXzi Salemi
mother: Benedetta XXX
20 May 1855


Angela Parisi
father: Antonino Parisi
mother: Giacoma Galco/Salvo?
bap 14? Jan 1856

Angelica Parisi
father: Ignazio Parisi
mother: Concetta XX Minceci?
16? Feb 1856

Giacinto? Oarisi
father: Filippo Parisi
mother: Rosalia Inglie?
bap 9 Feb 1856

Rosario Parisi
father: Ignazio Parisi
mother: Anna Geraci
bat Apr 1856

Giuseppi Parisi
father: Maestro Gaetano Parisi
mother: Marianna Battaglia
bap 10? Sep 1856

Granesca? Parisi
father: Giacomo Parisi
mother: Serafina Gatto
bap 7 Oct 1856

Francisco Parisi
father: Maestro Giacomo Parisi
mother: Carmela Parisi
bap 27? Oct 1856

Carmelo Sciolino
father: Gaetano Sciolino
mother: Antonino Ortolini?
bap 19 Mar 1856

Giuseppe Sciolino
father: Gaetano Sciolino
mother: Rosalia Fiorella
bap 11 Apr 1856

Marta? Sciolino
father: Nunzio Sciolino
mother: Giuseppa Savasta?
bap 1? Sep 1856


Gaetano Millonzi
father: Rosario Millonzi
mother: Anna Pasquale
bap 27 Nov 1857

Marraloncetta Parisi
father: Nicolo? Parisi
mother: Agata Felice?
bap 10 Jan 1857

Rosalino Parisi
father: Ignazio Parisi
mother: Maria Minneci?
bap 15 Jun 1857

Angela Parisi
father: Ignazio Parisi
mother: Biaggia? Maguero?
bap 1? Aug 1857

Carmelo Sciolino
father: Maestro Giuseppe Sciolino
mother: Antonina Cardinale
bap 11 Jan 1857

Casino? Salemi
father: Arcangelo Parisi
mother: Grazia Battaglia
bap 28? Jan 1857

Carmela Sciolino
father: Maestro Ginenzo? Sciolino
mother: Antonina Battaglia
bap 1 Feb? 1857

Giuseppe Salemi
father: Pasquale Salemi
mother: Angela Garo?
bap 13 Apr 1857

Stefano Salemi
father: Maestro Giuseppe Salemi
mother: Carmela Maggio
bap 6 Sep 1857

Pasquale Salemi
father: Maestro Benedetto Salemi
mother: Gaetana Licata
bap 7 Oct 1857

Giuseppa Sciolino
father: Maestro Carmelo Sciolino
mother: Nora/Vora? Bitati? Digati?
bap 10? Oct 1857

Agata Maria Sciolino
father: Maestro Gaetano Sciolino, 40 years old, born abt 1817
mother: Rosalia Fiorella, 40 years old, born abt 1817
born 27 Oct 1857
bap 28 Oct 1857


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Elisabetta Salemi
father: Luigi Salemi
mother: Benedetta Arduino?
18 Feb 1858

Marianna Salemi
father: Pasquale Salemi?
mother: Angela Gaso/Garo/Zaso/Zaro?
24 Feb 1858

Giovanni Parisi
father: Mae Antonino Parisi
mother: Giacoma Valvo?
25 Apr 1858

Salvatora Parisi
father: Antonino Parisi
mother: Carmela Gatto
9 Aug 1858

Maria Salemi
father: Antonino Salemi
mother: Caterine Siragusa
31 Aug 1858

Angelo Parisi
father: Mae Ignazio Parisi
mother: Maria Nicosia?
? Sep 1858

Rosalino? Parisi
father: Filippo Parisi
mother: Rosalia Zanglia?
21 Nov 1858

  3 Responses to “Montemaggiore Belsito | Nati 1852-1858 | FHL INTL Film 2004859”

  1. Hello!
    Thank you so much for posting this information.  I am the great-grandson of Philip Millonzi (born in Montemaggiore Belsito 14 Mar 1879), the brother of your G Grandfather Rosario.  I had very little information regarding his ancestors so I'm slowly going through what you have generously posted and it has been very useful.  I think this makes us something like 3rd cousins.  In any case, I wish I could return some information to you but you have gone far ahead of what I had.  I do have some information about Philip and, of course, his decedents.  I'd be happy to share whatever might be of interest to you.  Thanks again and best of luck in your research!

  2. I am descended from Filippo Salemi.  I have a death certificate listing his parents as Benedetto Salemi and Gaetana Licata.  You have a Pasquale Salemi listed with the same parents so they must be brothers.  Also you can correct the last name of the mother to Licata if you wish.  Filippo was born in 1865 in Montemaggiore.  He moved to Buffalo with his wife Rosaria Grisanti.  If you can find the Cipolla Scigaj family tree on you can see the other siblings I found of Filippo and descendents.

    • Hi descend from Rosalia  Bisesi, daughter of Maestro Nicolo' Bisesi and Concetta Parisi, Nicolo' was the son of Maestro Tommaso Bisesi and Arcangela Salemi. Concetta was the daughter of Maestro Rosario Parisi and Rosa Pace. However, Nicolo as born in 1769 and Concetta  in 1763/4 but I am sure we are all related, I also descend from Maestro Biagio Battalia, b in MMB in 1694.
      My application for an Italian passport is pending.