Jan 012012

My great-grandparents birth certificates finally arrive from Serradifalco, Sicily. It took three letters along with a $50 order to myitalianfamily that still hasn't come. But at least they're here. 

the letter I wrote to get a birth certificate

birth certificate for my great-grandmother, Maria Giambrone

birth certificate for my great-grandfather, Angelo Palmeri

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  1. These are all supposed to be free. I obtained my grandfathers birth certificate by just emailing the commune of Serridifalco. I got multiple copies and multiple copies of his certificate of past citizenship.

    I just wrote all the details , I knew his birth date and had an old birth certificate. Google translate into Italian and emailed to the Sindaco and other offices of the commune.

    That was in 2004 and now they have all of the certificates on line to peruse.


    I located my great grandfathers marriage certificate along with others yesterday. I found his birth date from Valledolmo yesterday. They have had it wrong for the last 150 years and now I will correct it with my relatives.

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