Apr 272012

While I (hopefully) won't need a court order. I'm posting this here in case someone finds my blog. I was originally posted here: 

In regard to the petition Order that will be signed by the Judge and the format posted here previously, the law clerk said that they plan to add a section that I need to complete application forms and pay any fees (which was what the NYS Attorney General asked be inserted into the order).

Following is the format I use for my Declaratory Judgment (One and the Same)and final Order. I have seen other One and Same formats online that are different, but this one seemed to work in my case.

order.pdf [170.79 KiB] 

declaratory.pdf [297.45 KiB]

  2 Responses to “Another example of a court order”

  1. I found this template terrific. So great, I made my own case and submitted it to a CT court. Now I have a dilemma with John Doe. The court is asking me to respond to pre-trail deadline showing discovery has been done, case management has been done with defendant. I guess in a normal case, John Doe is simply a placeholder for someone to be named later. How did you get past this issue?

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