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  1. hi Tom
    Haven't heard from you in a while, hope you and your family are well.
    Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner, my husband fell down and broke his arm after I last emailed you. I went up to the lake to visit may mom, Rosealie Palmieri. She has a difficult time using the phone anymore. Would the older lady relitive (86) you told me about like to talk to me first? On different official forms (birth certificates etc her last name is spelled either Palmeri or Palmieri. She gave me  some more names and some specific house numbers and street name I have to research.
    Let me know if you have found any new info or sites
    P. Camara

  2. Found you while doing family genealogy for the de Guehery family. I am Rudolph Cuthbert de Guehery’s grandaughter. I live in Atlanta and originally from Orlando. Grandpa lived with us our entire childhood. Thanks for the work you have done.

  3. Hi Tom, Are you still at the university in the USA? My mother passed away in the fall of 2013. after my last contact with you she became sick and ended up with pneumonia, had her hip broke while in the hospital her heath declined. For many months the family took care of her at home until she passed in late august 2013, She told me some things about the family before she went. Don’t know if you or other family members are still interested in new info. At the University do you deal with brain injury/recovery, the way the mind processes information and or changes in the way the brain does so after injury or are you engaged in artificial intelligence? I have went back to school to further my education and maybe finally get my degree, Hope you and your family have been well. Your second or third cousin Patti Camara
    I know you are a very busy person, but please send me a reply and let me know any names of relatives that are researching our Italian geneology. Is the older woman who you gave the phone me still alive?

  4. Hello!

    Thank you for the wealth of information you have posted abt the Detroit consulate. I can’t believe it took you 3 years to get your citizenship. I have an appointment with Detroit this summer. It took you 3 years after you successfully submitted your documents and packet for citizenship to be recognized? Or do you mean it took 3 years for you to collect everything? How long did it take once you submitted your application?

    I have a unique situation with an estranged father. He basically abandoned my family as a child (my direct line is through him). Do I need a copy of his drivers license and passport when I apply? This will be a giant obstacle for me to overcome if I do.

    Any information you can provide will be a great help!

    • Hi. I’m responding to the post you made on my dual citizenship / genealogy blog. I’m pretty sure I’ve actually responded to you before on the dual citizen citizenship message board.

      From submitting to approval it was only two months. Going from memory (this was 2012), I asked for an appt around February, got an appt in March, and received the recognition from the consulate in May. It wasn’t until Sept that I received my birth certificate from my home comune (which is my GGF’s home comune). I then received my passport in Jan 2013.

      It was a good 12-18 months for me to get together my documents – not only the time and expense but also a bunch of genealogical sleuthing.

      One nice thing about Detroit (over NYC or other consulates) is that you don’t need signed documents from living relatives (well, at least in the past NYC and other consulate have required them) – they’re notarized documents that a F or GF or GGF (if living) has never renounced their Italian citizenship. I actually got my dad to sign it because I just figured I needed it – that was quite a hassle, and I’m on good terms with my dad, because he thought by saying he had never renounced his citizenship that he was actually applying for citizenship, which he wasn’t, and which he thought (erroneously) would somehow forfeit his teacher’s pension or some crazy thing. In the end, Detroit never asked for it. It was just direct-line documents and that’s it. Of course, that could change at any time depending on the person in charge citizenship at the consulate (because ultimately its a consular decision).

  5. My great Uncle Benedetto Nicoli an Italian Citizen born in 1908. How can I find his birth records? He was married to my great Aunt Elvira Polastro in 1932 from Chironico Switzerland. He died in Fiado Switzerland in 1983. That is all I know. Would like some info please.

  6. I was wondering why you had the declaratory judgement go through NY instead of TN? I have the same situation: I live in TN now, but my records in the US are all from Brooklyn (with the exception of one death certificate from Florida).

    Could you have filed the declaratory judgement in TN?

    • I didn’t end up having to get any judgement. If I did, I would have gone through NY if it related to any ancestors who lived in NY.

  7. Hi, Tom:

    I lost your e-mail address. I just discovered (or re-discovered) that my wife’s maternal grandfather, born in Mussomeli in 1879, was not naturalized until 1939. Both his daughter (my wife’s mother) and my wife were born before he was naturalized. Both my mother-in law and her father have passed on. Is my wife a candidate for dual citizenship?


    Ange Coniglio

  8. Going home to visit birth place of both my parents.Dad born 1905 mom 1912. Other family names-migliore,Buscaglia,travale,Misuraca(mom)-Millemaci
    Any thing you can tell me before we get there would be appreciated. 1st visit to Sicily. Can not wait to GO!
    Angelo MONTANTE
    Dad name-Angelo MONTANTE
    Mom-Esther Barbara Misuraca

  9. please is it possible to get a book of the brady family heritage

  10. Hi Thomas. We may be related. One of my ancestors from my Mother side was named Calabrese Maria.She was born in Serradifalco circa 1835. Her Father was Leonardo,the Mother Montante Anna.I suspect your Maria and my Maria were first cousins.I was fascinated by your quest to find your roots. I was born in Serradifalco and now I live in Delta British Columbia Canada. Regards.

  11. Possible relationship?.

  12. Hi Joe…Very interesting blog and your journey finding your family roots…Found your site while researching Serradifalco….town where my husband’s grandparents were from….noticed your Buffalo connection …. I do take volunteer photos for Find-a Grave….Palmeri’s were easy to find but Joseph and Josephine Giambrone had markers that were almost completely covered and I didn’t have a shovel with me….Wasn’t sure if your sister found had already Giambrone’s but if you need a better picture I can go back with a spade…did enter pictures on Find-a -Grave so you can check it out….Would love to visit Sicily some day with my good friend who was born in Racalmuto….in the meantime if you come across the names Fasciana, Terranova, Arnone or Giambra, I’d appreciate any info….Thanks Carol

  13. Please if you are still on here contact me, im going through hell trying to gather the focuments needed, i found your post on correcting birth record errors.
    How did that letter work did you get the changes required?
    I have a fairly cut and dry liniage great grandfather imigrated here, but my fathers birth record has major errors like his fathers name is incorrect.
    Anyway any help in direction would be great.
    Ive found a couple online duel citizenship reps. But with the errors im sffrsid yo give them $5000 and not get it done. Yhanks

  14. Tom, please check your messages, or contact me at

    Angelo Coniglio

  15. Are you on gedmatch?

  16. Hi Cousin.
    My Great Grandfather was Pasquale Palmeri my Grandfather was Gaetano Palmeri.

  17. Hi Cousin

    My Cousin had this picture too.

    Back row Jim, Lucy, Charles Middle Barbara Giambrone Palmeri, Ida Palmeri, Pauline Giambrone Deloma,Maria Giambrone Palmeri, Front Al Portale, Sam Palmeri, Josephine Deloma Crino, Pat Palmeri, Ida Palmeri

  18. Thanks for share your cruzade. I’m waiting Italian Jure Matrimoni citizenship and I understand all your effort to get this for your love ones. Your page with your wife’s citizenship timeline is amazing, and bring me some relief. Thanks again.

  19. Hello.

    Stumbled on your Rufus Black documents while doing an Internet search. Rufus is a relative who came up in my family tree research, although my branch descends from his brother Calvin, who is my Great Great Great Grandfather.

    Just wondering if you found anything beyond Hiram Black, because I haven’t been able to get further than that.

    If so; my email is

  20. Hi Tom. I am the granddaughter of Philip Millonzi. My father was Philip Junior, born I believe in May of 1919. He married my mother, Rose Meli Millonzi in 1949. My parents divorced when I was 7 and I was estranged from my father until several years before his death. My cousin Kol Zarembar forwarded your information to me. This is facinating. Thank you very much.

  21. Hello, thank you for all of your research and years of work here. I found out last year through two DNA tests that I was adopted at birth. My biological mother’s family is the Palmeri / de Francesco family. My great-grandmother Providenzia Palmeri came from Serradifalco, Sicily. I’ve been researching my mom’s side of the family tree and your blog kept popping up.

    Nice to “meet” you cousin!

    My 2nd great-grandfather was Salvatore Palmeri, married to Rose Contrino. I don’t know exactly how we are cousins, but I’m sure you’ll know the connections better than I do at this point. I’m just beginning my family tree research.


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