Here are some pages with pictures (and a few home movies) that might interest family and friends.

I didn’t really like the idea of having personal pictures open to the entire world, so the picture pages are password protected. Both the login and the password are the name of our first dog who died several years ago (maybe a bit morbid I know). If you don’t remember her name or you don’t know how to spell it, just email me and I’ll send it.

June to October 2018

Utah Spring Break 2018

January to May 2018

Australia November 2017

October to December 2017

TJ Roadside News

July to September 2017

May to June 2017

January to April 2017

November to December 2016

May to October 2016

Europe Trip Summer 2016

January to May 2016

LOG Trip March 2016

October to December 2015

Maine Trip October 2015

August College Visits 2015

Tonawanda and College Visits July 2015

June to September 2015

LOG Trip May 2015

January to May 2015

Soccer May 2015

November to December 2015

Soccer October 2014

June to October 2014

June Vacation 2014

January to May 2014

October to December 2013

April to September 2013

Italy Trip 2013

Morris visit March 2013

January to March 2013

July to December 2012

January to May 2012

Italy Trip 2012

Jordin’s Hockey Video February 2012

August to December 2011

Jordin’s Hockey Team pictures

Tonawanda July 2011

Arizona Vacation 2011

LOG trip March 2011

January to May 2011

Christmas 2010

November 2010

July to October 2010 Pictures

April to June 2010 Pictures

Texas Trip March 2010

January to March 2010 Pictures

October to December 2009 Pictures

September 2009 Soccer

July 2009 Pictures

April to June 2009 Pictures

September 2008 to March 2009 Pictures

Jordin’s soccer game 2008

July 2008 Pictures

Banff 2008 Trip

May LOG 2008 Whitewater Trip

More LOG 2008 Whitewater Pictures

April and May 2008 Pictures

February and March 2008 Pictures

January 2008 Ringling Brothers Circus

January 2008 Jordin at a Birthday Party

January 2008 Trip to Reelfoot Lake

Christmas with my family 2007

Christmas Morning 2007

December 2007 Lab Holiday Party

December 2007 Birding Walks with Matthew

November 2007 Thanksgiving #1
November 2007 Thanksgiving #2

November 2007 Land Between the Lakes

October 2007 soccer pictures

October 2007 pictures

September 2007 pictures

summer of 2007

July 2007 trip to Scotland and England

March 2007 trip that Matthew and I took to Mexico

winter and spring of 2007

2006 pictures

2006 LOG camping trip

my (surprise) 40th birthday weekend

our 2005 Florida trip

2005 pictures

the July 2004 trip that Matthew and I took to Italy

2004 pictures

Chris’s 40th birthday party

2003 pictures

2002 pictures

2001 pictures

2001 Europe trip (days 1-6)
2001 Europe trip (days 7-11)
2001 Europe trip (days 12-22)

2000 pictures

1998 sonagram pictures from Matthew

my niece and nephew when they were really little